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Frank McKinney
Aspire! is an Audiobook written and narrated by best selling author Frank McKinney. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rob Roa


How to create your own reality and alter your DNA.

McKane Lee & Riley Lee
The Quantum Kinetic Well: Powering the World with Endless Clean Energy Audiobook Version Recorded Mixed & Mastered by Rob Roa

The Quantum Kinetic Well

Powering The World with Endless Clean Energy.

Barbara McQuade
Attack from Within by Barbara McQuade. Audiobook version is recorded by Rob Roa of Roundabout Records

Attack From Within

How disinformation is sabotaging america.

Maria Nhambu
Drum Beats Heart Beats written and narrated by Maria Nhambu. Audiobook version recorded by Rob Roa of Roundabout Records

Drum Beats, Heart Beats

In this final volume of The Dancing Soul Trilogy, we join an ever insightful and passionate Nhambu as she traverses diverse cultures and continents and negotiates a complex and shifting web of mixed identities - African immigrant and African American

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